5 psychological causes of erectile dysfunction in the modern age

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Most of the people believe that ED is linked to older men only. But, it’s not true! Statistics show that this condition affects guys of all age groups. In fact, one in every four new ED cases are guys under the age of 40. And, some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction in young guys include conditions that affect behavior and thinking.

If you experience erection problems, you can’t blame underlying health conditions for that. However, it might be due to psychological factors.

So, what are the top psychological causes of ED? Read along to learn more about these.

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What are the top 5 psychological causes of erectile dysfunction?

In some cases, guys experiencing mental disorders in childhood may develop ED later in life. So, if you have had mental illnesses, chances are good that you are going to experience any of the following symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Trouble maintaining an erection
  • Loss of sexual interest

Impotence caused by psychological factors is known as psychological impotence. Listed below are the 5 most common causes of erectile dysfunction:

  1. Anxiety and stress:

Stress and anxiety are closely related to each other and impotence as well.

In many cases, guys can’t get erect even after they take erectile dysfunction medications. It might be due to anxiety or stress. This can put negative effects on the brain’s ability to process signals to generate physical response i.e. an erection.

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Some researches show that having stress and anxiety can make you suffer in the bedroom. A 2015 study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry was conducted on 64 ED patients. It found that 8 had comorbid depressive disorders while 15 had anxiety disorders. And, in many cases, these disorders were contributing factors for erectile dysfunction.

Researchers have also found that treating anxiety and stress can help men with ED treatment.

  1. Depression:

While depression can lead to feelings of sadness, it’s also one of the major psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of depression:

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  • Guilty feelings
  • Restlessness throughout the day
  • Lack of energy and tiredness
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Difficulty in focusing on work
  • Frustration, irritation, and angry behavior

A study published in Psychosomatic Medicine concluded that there’s a direct link between depression and erectile dysfunction.

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  1. Porn addiction:

Pornographic addiction is one of the potential causes of erectile dysfunction, which many men fail to recognize. ED caused by porn addiction is known as porn-induced ED.

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Spending too much time watching adult material may develop unrealistic expectations about sex. And, it can lose your interest in sexual activity.

Many men prefer masturbating while watching pornography. However, it becomes a habit over time, and they get difficulty getting hard while with their sexual partners.

  1. Relationship issues:

Building and maintaining healthy relationships isn’t an easy task. And, it takes time to understand someone and develop trust. However, if you or your partner are getting difficulty with the relationship, it can affect your sex life.

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In many cases, erectile dysfunction creates problems in the relationship. This shows that ED and relationship problems are linked to each other.

Communication is one of the best ways to deal with relationship issues. However, for many, it’s also the most challenging step.

  1. Guilt feelings and low-self esteem:

Many ED patients feel guilty about not being able to fulfill their partners’ sexual desires. If left untreated, this guilt feeling can become one of the potential causes of erectile dysfunction. However, it can also cause mental health problems like depression.

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Also, what you feel about yourself has a direct impact on your sex life. If you have negative views about your abilities, it will affect the activities and actions you perform on a daily basis. For example, a guy who feels that he’s unable to please a woman is more likely to struggle in the bedroom.

So, this was all about the psychological factors that influence the sexual lives of men nowadays. If you want to cure erectile dysfunction without drugs, it’s advised to work on these factors. However, if you find any difficulty in dealing with your erection issues, consider taking professional help at a reputed doctor’s clinic.

What, according to you, is the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction in young men these days? What’s the best ED treatment? Share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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