How doctors diagnose ED (in-clinic and online process)?

online erectile dysfunction treatment

We, men always feel anxious and worried when visiting erectile dysfunction treatment clinic online or offline. You may have a lot of questions floating in your mind, like what the doctor is going to ask and how he will examine you. Well, you need not worry about it. Difficulty in discussing ED problem with the doctor or anyone else is common among men; thus you aren’t the only one.
As we all know that ED is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, and usually, men use various medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, to improve the blood flow in the penis.

There can be various physical and psychological factors behind the ED, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, atherosclerosis, anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship problems. And, it’s necessary to check what’s causing the problem so that you can receive the best treatment.

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When it comes to ED diagnosis and treatment, in-clinic and online are the two options for the patients. Let’s discuss each.

In-clinic treatment:

In-clinic diagnosis involves visiting a professional urologist physically. It’s classified into the following steps:
Medical, sexual and psychological history:
When you visit an erectile dysfunction treatment clinic, your doctor will ask you a set of questions about your sex life. Usually, these include:

  • How often do you have the erection problems?
  • What ED medicines you are taking?
  • Do you drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs?
  • Do you have morning erections?
  • How would you rate the level of your sexual satisfaction?
  • Have you undergone any surgeries that had damaged blood vessels in the penis?
  • How often you’re able to reach orgasm?

Physical exam:
During the physical examination, your doctor pays close attention to urinary, nervous and vascular systems and genitals. He checks the blood pressure level to identify if there’s any connection between high blood pressure and ED, and testicular problems, low-T, and prostate disorders, diabetes, penile plaques, and vascular disease.

Laboratory tests:
Blood tests are performed to identify the erectile dysfunction causes, i.e., diabetes, hormone deficiencies, chronic kidney disease, etc.

Imaging tests:

Ultrasound examination is performed on the lower abdomen to measure the blood flow in the penis. The examination is effective in evaluating the penile arterial disorders. The direction and speed of blood flow to the penis are detected using colored images.

Other tests:

There are some other tests—nocturnal erection test and injection test—to check the firmness of the erection and how long it lasts by various methods. These tests help doctors identify the causes of erection problems; whether they are physical, emotional or psychological.

Online treatment:

The in-clinic process of diagnosing ED can take time, and also the patients need to visit the clinic physically. By visiting an ED treatment clinic online, getting the expert advice on ED and other sexual health issues is very easy. You can avoid long waits and save money as well. Just see a doctor online, and get prescription for ED medications or other treatments from home only in a few minutes.
The consultation process involves filing an online form comprising a set of questions related to your medical history. The doctor reviews the questionnaire comprehensively, and discuss the problem on a follow-up call or video.
If you have any documents or physical test reports related to your medical history, you can upload them online for the doctors to check and examine their conditions and suggest treatments accordingly.
Erectile dysfunction treatment clinic online services are private and HIPAA-compliant. Your medical history and personal information will not be shared with the third party.

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