Brush your teeth. Solve erection problems

treatment for erectile dysfunction

The title of the blog post may sound weird to you. Isn’t it? But, it’s true that not paying attention to your chompers in the bathroom can cause problems in the bedroom. However, everyone knows that NOT brushing your teeth daily may leave you with a rotten mouth. But, how does it link with your erectile function? And, can daily brushing can help you with treatment for erectile dysfunction?

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How do erections work?

Erections might seem simple, but they aren’t actually.  There is a number of complex processes working together to help you get the necessary lift. These include blood vessels in the penis, nerves, and brain.

The process of arousal starts with physical or mental stimulation. The brain sends the signal, and the arteries open. This allows more blood in the corpora cavernosa, thus causing an erection.

Of the many erectile dysfunction causes, one is the not enough blood flow to the penis. There can be many reasons for that. Some of the most common ones include heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Another reason for erection problems is when the brain stops sending the signal, the hormonal response ends. This makes the arteries remain in a normal state and the penis in a flaccid state.

Poor dental hygiene and erectile dysfunction

If you are having trouble getting hard, it’s probably a good time to check your oral health.

A research from Taiwan found that poor dental hygiene can make men struggle in the bedroom.

erectile dysfunction cures

The study states that ED patients were 79% more likely to have chronic periodontal disease (CPD) than those who don’t have erection problems. CPD is the inflammation of the periodontal tissues, which affects the supportive tissues of the teeth. Usually, it occurs due to bad brushing. Inflammation of gums can eventually result in plaque build-up.

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And, a systematic review and meta-analysis concluded that CPD was associated with increased risks of erectile dysfunction in men. This is because gum disease can damage the blood vessels, thus making it hard for men to get erect.

Also, developing ED can be an early sign of heart disease. Thus, it’s necessary to consult with a certified doctor for erectile dysfunction cures if you see any such symptoms.

Does cleaning your dirty mouth can improve erectile dysfunction?

After you have identified what’s making you suffer in the bedroom, you have two options to get treatment for erectile dysfunction:

  1. Live with it
  2. Avoid certain habits and get your healthy erections back

According to a 2013 study, treating chronic periodontal disease can help men improve erectile dysfunction.

treatment for erectile dysfunction

However, some researchers suggest that tooth extraction may work for eliminating the inflammation of  gums, helping guys to get treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Instead, if you become successful in identifying the disease in an early stage, treatment can be very easy. Start by visiting a dentist and get the problem solved with some deep cleanings.

But, if you discover it in later stages, your dentist may suggest you gum surgery.


Now, it’s clear that if you ignore your chompers in the bathroom, you  can have a fair chance of struggling in the bedroom. And, it’s necessary to have chronic periodontal disease under control if you want to maintain healthy erections. And, for that, you should schedule more frequent deep cleanings—every 90 to 180 days.

If you are getting difficulty in managing a proper erectile function, consult with a certified doctor who can help you with appropriate treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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