10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Facts

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual condition that is often neglected or ignored. Most of the guys who are diagnosed with ED don’t go for the treatment, reported a study at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
In the study, researchers found 6.2 million men covered by private health insurance providers, were diagnosed with ED, and only 25% opted for filing the prescription for treatment. This is because men often feel embarrassed over doctor visits, or believe ED is a big concern to discuss with anyone, or several ED drugs don’t have generic versions.

Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Whatever the reason, the consequences are distressing. And, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of erectile dysfunction causes and effective treatment options.

Here are the top 10 facts you probably didn’t know about ED:

1. You may not have ED:

If you struggle in the bedroom once, it doesn’t mean that you should start looking for erectile dysfunction treatment right away.
Lots of times, erection problems are just temporary issues, due to drinking too much alcohol or having a tough week at work,
ED is the consistent/recurring inability to get and maintain an erection good enough for intercourse.
Thus, if you experience the problem for at least three months, only then you should consult a professional doctor—to discuss the erectile dysfunction causes, symptoms and treatment options.

2. You are not alone

This is a common misconception. Men with ED often look stressed, feel isolated, and think they are finished.
Just forget your self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy for a second, and look at the scientific data. There are more than 30 million men in the United States, who have erection problems. So, it’s not just you! There are far too many men in the same boat.
What’s more! According to Tobias Köhler, chief of the Division of Male Infertility at Southern Illinois University, 40% of men over the age of 40 years and 50% of men over the age of 50 years have ED.

3. Low-T causes ED:

Testosterones play a vital role in the erection function in guys, and low-T is one of the major erectile dysfunction causes. As men age, testosterone levels decrease, and studies have found that after the age of 50 or 60, ED risks increase.
American Urological Association reported that 20% of men over 60 years have low-T.
Researchers discovered that testosterone therapies are helpful—in restoring the sexual function and improving the sexual lives.
Also, the male edging technique can help increase testosterone levels and penis size. One of the main reasons for that is men lose about 5 mg of zinc while masturbating or ejaculating.
A study analyzed the response in healthy men with sexual abstinence and observed hormonal parameters during arousal. Blood samples were taken from both the partners before and after three weeks. It was reported that the T-levels increased after three weeks of abstinence. Thus, the study concluded that abstaining from ejaculation helps elevate low-T.

4. Stem cell therapy improves sexual function:

Men with erection problems can benefit from the stem cell therapy. It helps improve sexual function, boost libido and promote a healthy lifestyle.
And, it is believed that the stem cell therapy may replace Viagra in the future.
This erectile dysfunction treatment, which is developed by the Danish Center for Regenerative Medicine, involves injecting stem cells in the base of the penis.
The treatment was developed for guys those undergo surgery for prostate cancer. Because one of the major side-effects of prostatectomy is ED that is caused by damaging of blood vessels.

5. Stress and anxiety cause ED

Do you know that approximately 20% of all erection problems are linked to psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression?
Removing stressors from your life is considered as one of the best erectile dysfunction treatments. Grab a paper and a pencil and try to list down things or events that are causing stress to you.
The stressful event may be any—death of a loved one, relationship issues, illness, money problems, etc. In such situations, the body produces more stress hormones, which increase the heart rate—and blood pressure, thus causing ED.
Men who are anxious may feel guilty by not satisfying what their partners’ want and develop performance anxiety.
Be open to talk to your partner, discuss your needs and wants, and make the lovemaking environment fun-filled and inviting.

6. Lifestyle changes help treat ED:

it comes to erectile dysfunction causes, you can’t ignore lifestyle issues.
Studies show that regular exercising, healthy eating, controlling chronic illness, etc. can help you reverse the symptoms of ED.
One in five cases of erectile dysfunction, healthy lifestyle choices can help men with the necessary lift.
Here are some expert tips on lifestyle changes:
Quit smoking: Smoking decreases the blood flow and quitting it can make a significant effect.
Avoid drugs: In most of the cases, men who have ED and low libido, are addicted to drugs. Thus, avoiding taking drugs can help you solve the problem.
Shed those extra pounds: Obesity lowers T-levels, and it is also associated with high blood pressure. So, men who are overweight are more likely to develop ED. Thus, getting rid of obesity is one of the erectile dysfunction treatments.
Get rid of stress and anxiety: Organize your life properly, and do whatever will help you reduce stress and increase energy levels. You can also hire a life coach for help.

7. ED is related to aging:

ED is associated with age, and usually, men experience this condition in their late 40s or early 50s.
According to a study by the American Journal of Medicine, 85% of men between 20 to 39 say they “always” or “almost always” obtain an erection. On the other hand, men between ages 40 to 59, 20% say they “usually” get a good erection, and 12% say they “sometimes” get it.

8. ED drugs belong to the same class but don’t contain the same ingredient base:

Usually, men consider Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment. These drugs belong to the same category, i.e., PDE5 inhibitors. They all work the same way—relaxing the muscles of the genitals and increasing the blood flow.
But, the side-effects associated with each drug may be different, and you should have a comprehensive understanding about that.
Also, Viagra and Levitra put men in action in one hour while it is two hours in case of Cialis. Eating a heavy meal after taking ED drugs may reduce their effectiveness. So, you should wait three to four hours when considering eating a big meal.

9.  Sleep disorder is linked to ED:

Sleep deprivation can be one of the erectile dysfunction causes. This is because it reduces testosterone levels and makes men feel anxious and stressed.
According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, approximately 70% of men who have sleep apnea suffer from ED.
As per experts, men should aim at sleeping at least 6 hours; 7 to 8 hours are good.

10. Dirty gums cause ED:

According to the researchers in Turkey, there is a connection between gum disease and erectile dysfunction.
This is because, gum disease can cause inflammation, damaging the blood vessels, thus resulting in erection problems.
Thus, by brushing your teeth regularly, you can prevent the gum disease and erectile dysfunction as well.

So, this is the list of 10 surprising facts about erectile dysfunction. If you want to add any other fact in the list, feel free share with us. Also, share what are your experiences and thoughts about erectile dysfunction, and what’s the best way to treat the condition?
If you have any question about erectile dysfunction causes, symptoms or treatments, put it in the comment section below, and our experts will contact you.

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